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Clinical Traditions Herb Co.

Ultimate Adaptogens Elixir

Ultimate Adaptogens Elixir

A Root & Mushroom Tea Concentrate (~20%ABV)

Ashwagandha roots blended with a Reishi and Turkey Tail Mushroom decoction,

With Tulsi (Holy Basil) tincture to make for a super chill and fortifying elixir. 

These Roots & Mushrooms target your immune system, nervous system and thyroid to enhance your energy levels. This Elixir is specially helpful for an under-functioning Thyroid or someone who feels stressed and gets sick alot. 

The Ultimate Adaptogen Elixir is a true energy balancer. When taken in the morning, it can help you sustain your energy through out the day. When taken in the evening, it can encourage restorative sleep.

This Elixir is considered low alcohol (~20% ABV), because it is 75% root and mushroom decoction (concentrated tea extract). The low alcohol content comes from Tulsi, which is preserved in the traditional tincture method, using alcohol as the solvent. A hefty amount of Florida Honey is added to balance the formula, boost the immune system and preserve the Ultimate Adaptogen Elixir.  

These herbs are organically grown in Jacksonville, Florida & the mushrooms are sourced in Jax too, when possible. The farthest our mushrooms come from are North Carolina, which we still consider local, and from companies/businesses we trust.

The recommended dose is 2 droppers full per day. Ideally, having one dropper full in the am and then one again in the pm, but taking both dropper fulls at the same time is also a fantastic way to administer the elixir.

You can take up to 8 dropper fulls per day, if needed and if lower doses are well tolerated. Choosing the time to take additional dropper fulls can be done by deciphering whether you want the elixir to give you more sustained energy in the day, then take more in the am; or if you want it to encourage sleep, take a little extra closer to bed time.

Start low and add another dropper full as desired, until you reach your dose. 

Enjoy & Shake before use. 

Do Not Store Elixir in a Hot Environment. 

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