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2023 Spring Tours & Workshops

  • Saturday, March 25th
  • Friday, April 14th
  • Sunday, April 23rd

The May 6th Tea Workshop offers an optional "add-on ticket" to PYO (pick your own) herbs during the farm tour. Tickets available at the bottom of the page. 

Jacksonville Florida Herbalism Tea Workshop Meditation 

All educational opportunities at Clinical Traditions are Rooted in Relationship. Rooted in respect for the earth and with the philosophies of holistic healing. 

These workshops are for those who want an in-person herbal education on using, growing and preserving herbal medicine.

The farm provides a fully immersive learning container to experience endless healing opportunities. The workshops provide information to build your confidence and clarity on aligning with proper plant allies.

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 Visit the farm to see what's in bloom & get inspiration to bring back to your own green oasis! 

Herbalist, Kaki, will be hosting a guided tea meditation workshop. Guests will go on an intuitive exploration of one herb while sipping it, using every sense to communicate how the herb is working in their body. At the of the 30 to 45 minute meditation, Kaki will reveal the herb that was served up and will go over historical uses, energetics and and any relevant clinical research on the plant. 


*Remember to bring a tea mug and, if desired, a pen and paper.




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