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Details of Health Consultations: 

A 6 week program for those ready to commit to self observation and practicing small new interventions daily.

Clients receive a full clinical intake, which includes:

  • an introductory session: a ~2 hour assessment of chief complaints & a full health history assessment,
  • vital signs (if possible: blood pressure, personal energetics & picture of tongue for analysis),
  • your prescription medications, supplement list, etc,

After the Initial intake session, a hypothesis is made for the potential reasons for the imbalance in your body (aka symptoms). Next is the follow-up call presenting you with a customized & flexible approach to begin to remedy the imbalances.

The step-by step holistic wellness plan is presented, one step at a time. I get your input on the wellness interventions suggested and adjustment the program as needed. We slowly work towards more intense interventions/herbs if more gentle interventions show no improvement.

Each step builds upon each other to create compounding effects that reveal personal insights and healing.

Communication is important during this 6-week program, so we will schedule out our 4 health coaching calls (weeks 2-6) and email regularly. 

  • This process is facilitated by the guidance of trained Clinical Herbalist and Exercise Physiologist, Kaki Bryan, MSH.
  • Cost is $150 to $250 (depending on complexity of case and ability to afford the rate). This current "sliding scale" rates are a 2023 discount rate; it is half off of the usual consult fee of $300-$500.

Healing modalities we use for the wellness interventions: rest and exercise, herbs and supplements, which are not provided. 

Custom Herbal Formulas are available to clients at a reduced price of $12 per ounce of custom tincture blend and $12 per ounce of a custom tea blend. It is typical for a protocol to recommend 2 - 4 ounces of tincture and 2 ounces of tea for the 45 day protocol. After that time frame an adjusted protocol may be provided and herbs can continue to be ordered until things resolve. 

All appointments for this package must be made within a 45 day time frame, and additional follow-up calls and assessments can be added. 

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