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Clinical Traditions Herb Co.

Soothing Summertime Tea

Soothing Summertime Tea

Soothing Summertime Tea: A tart and tangy herbal tea made to help Floridians thrive in the summertime.

This blend is also formulated for that “type A” personality, aka a lot of internal heat, fire or inflammation; or as known in Ayurveda for someone with a strong pitta type of constitution (dosha). 

Regenerative Ingredients: Roselle fruit, Lemon Grass, Lemon Balm, Cranberry Hibiscus & Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers. 
All herbs are organically and regeneratively grown in Jacksonville FL. 

This fruity tea is a delight to sip & hydrate with. The blend is inspired by traditional drinks of the tropics, for example: agua de Jamaica, sorrel, red zinger tea, or Zobo drink, however, this blend brews to a deep purple color because of the Blue Butterfly Pea.

It has tons of plant healing powers (antioxidants) and is super hydrating because it contains lots of electrolytes. Traditional medicine has shown that many of these aforementioned herbs were helpful for blood pressure and to control fevers, which makes them great for helping you feel good on a hot summer day.

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