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Clinical Traditions Herb Co.

Simple Herbal Vinegar Tonics

Simple Herbal Vinegar Tonics

We always use fresh herbs that are organic, hand-harvested and grown with love.

"Simples" are one single herb, as compared to a blend of herbs.

Herbal Tonics are made with raw & organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) and fresh herbs organically grown in Jacksonville. These tonics are different, because they are completely fresh & raw extracts & provide loads of plant super powers for your healing journey.

These tonics are extracted at a 1:4 ratio; one part herb to 4 parts vinegar & therefore the recommended serving size is 2 dropper fulls per day. The Simple Tonics note their harvest date and are good for 3-years post harvest date.

Woman owned & operated Herb Farm & Apothecary.

Simple Herb Tonic Options Include:

Tulsi (5/2021)

Lemon Balm (5/2022)

Red Clover (6/2022)

Stinging Nettle (6/2022)

Anise Hyssop (7/2022)

Chickweed (12/2021)

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