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Clinical Traditions Herb Co.

Shine On: Anti-Viral Herbal Glycerine

Shine On: Anti-Viral Herbal Glycerine

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Aromatic Lemon Balm and Lemon Bee Balm (aka Monarda citriodora) are preserved in an organic vegetable glycerine and spring water for a sweet & spicy herbal glycerine called: Shine On.

This blend was created for kids, but is enjoyed by “grown-ups” alike. The two mints chosen for this blend are well known for their anti-viral and mood uplifting properties. Monarda citriodora also shows potential for improving ones focus.

A few drops of this delicious blend a day may brighten your mood and strengthen your immune system!! Try it out :)

As always, these herbs were organically grown & harvested using ethical farming practices in Jacksonville, Florida! This provides the purest and freshest herbal ingredients and products. 

Our main goal is to steward the earth so She is inspired, in turn to steward us humans. Thanks for supporting your health and the FL herb farm with this purchase. 

The vegetable glycerine used is organic, super sweet & soy-based.

Glycerin is calorie & sugar free!



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