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Move Easy Elixir Tincture: Reduce Inflammation

Move Easy Elixir Tincture: Reduce Inflammation

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The effects of ’Move Easy Elixir’ are mental and physical tension relief while also having herbs that have traditionally been used for moistening the joints and connective tissues. A strong blend of anti-inflammatory herbs to help you “move easy”. This tincture (alcohol based concentrate) may help you with physical tension.


Turmeric and Solomon’s seal roots, accompanied by Skullcap & Ginger extracted in cane alcohol and organic raw apple cider vinegar with a touch of black cherry juice to balance the formula.

Ingredients are organically grown, sustainably hand harvested, and processed with love in Jacksonville, FL. The Solomon's Seal root is one of the few herbs we outsource. We get our root from an organic VT family farm & believe herbs from the east coast of the US is still pretty local.

Comes in a 1oz or 2oz bottle with a dropper top lid for ease of consumption.

You can put the elixir straight in your mouth or dilute in a cup of water, tea or juice. This blend is strong tasting and has strong relaxation effects, so it’s best to dilute it, take it in the evening, with a meal and start with one dropper full at a time.

You can always add another dropper full, as needed, until you find your dose (max 4 droppers full/day).

The effects of ’Move Easy’ are mental and physical tension relief while also moistening & restoring joints and helping fascia tightness too!



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