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Clinical Traditions Herb Co.

Insight Elixir: cognitive/brain boost

Insight Elixir: cognitive/brain boost

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Herbal Tincture (a cane alcohol preparation) of organically grown, freshly preserved and highly potent medicinal botanicals.

Ingredients: Lions Mane Mushroom Dual Extract, Rosemary, Monarda citriodora (Lemon Bee Balm), Calamus Rt. & FL honey, preserved in cane alcohol and raw apple cider vinegar.

Research shows Lions Manes potential to prevent brain deterioration. The dual extract (water and alcohol) of the mushroom preserves both of its medicinal qualities to the blend. Monarda has been known to enhance one’s focus. Rosemary is promising for improved remembrance. While Calamus root is favored for clearing brain fog and grounding one’s worried thoughts.

This blend inspires meditation, energy centering, enhanced cognition, and an overall feeling of being calm and collected.

These Medicinal Herbs and Mushrooms were grown chemical-free, regeneratively and with love, then skillfully preserved.
This product is good for you and the earth.
Every purchase supports women practicing regenerative farming of medicinal herbs in Jacksonville, Florida.



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