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Clinical Traditions Herb Co.

Super Sale Simple Tinctures

Super Sale Simple Tinctures

We always use fresh herbs in our extracts for the most potent and flavorful herbal drops. "Simples" are one single herbal extract, as compared to a formula or blend of herbs.

Herbal tinctures are made with organic cane alcohol (OCA) and fresh herbs, unless otherwise noted (as dried) or with added apple cider vinegar (ACV), glycerine or water (h2O). These are high quality tinctures because we use the best ingredients and medicine making techniques to create an herbal product that is packed full of herbal super powers that are perfect for your healing journey.

Super Sale Simple Tinctures:

    • Sage leaf in OCA & glycerine
    • Anise Hyssop aerial parts in OCA
    • Lemon Balm in OCA & Glycerine
    • California Poppy whole plant in OCA
    • Evening Primrose aerial parts, including seed pods in OCA & ACV
    • Black Walnut dried hull in OCA
    • Mugwort aerial parts in OCA
    • Turmeric root in grain alcohol
    • Feverfew aerial parts in OCA
    • Juniper berries in OCA & glycerine
    • Stinging Nettle aerial parts including seed in OCA & ACV
    • Rosemary in grain alcohol
    • Goldenrod in flower in OCA
    • Peach leaf & pit in OCA
    • Sumac seed in OCA
    • Spilanthes aerial parts in OCV
    • Papaya seed in OCA
    • Violet aerial parts in flower in brandy
    • Lemon rind in OCA & h2O

Super Sale Simples listed above are priced to encourage you to buy a 2oz, 4oz or 8oz bottle. Prices range from: 1oz: $7.50; 2oz: $12; 4oz: $18; 8oz: $23; 16oz: $35. 

FREE Herbal Tinctures*:

  • Peach pit in OCA
  • Loquat seed in grain alcohol
  • Ragweed & Goldenrod pre bloom aerial parts in OCA
  • Monarda / Bee Balm mix (citriodora, didyma & fistulosa) aerial parts in OCA
  • Muscadine Grapes in corn whiskey

*Please Email to inquire about ordering a free 2oz tincture. Donations are highly appreciated!
*Free tinctures available with purchase.

Notes : 

  • Aerial parts= above ground parts, usually in bloom.
  • Whole plant = aerial parts & root. 
  • Flowers = just the blooms

Recommended serving size is 1 dropper full (28-30 drops) per day.

These tincture "simples" are labeled with their latin name & harvest/made date. They are good for 7-years post harvest date. Prices are based on the batch size and date made. Limited quantities available. No returns accepted, however orders can be modified before they are mailed out.

Woman owned & operated Herb Farm & Apothecary 100% based in Jacksonville, Florida. We always use fresh herbs that are organic, hand-harvested and grown with love.

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