What is Herbalism? & A note on "Vitalism"

What is Herbalism? & A note on "Vitalism"

Some philosophical musings on the now trendy topic of herbalism. These sentiments are guiding stars for me as a practicing herbalist. I hope they light up the way for you on your path to herbal medicine.

It's worth repeating:

Herbalism is the time-tested, potent & essential connection to nature that humans need to survive.

It is the knowledge that many modern day conventional medicines (aka pharmaceuticals) originated from plants (phytochemicals).

AND that herbs are rich in nutrients, which are vital to sustain ourselves.


It is the observance of plants as sentient beings.

Who hold the power to influence health & disease. And can elevate a humans mental, spiritual or physical state.


As a functional herbalist, who trained at The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine, Herbalism is Holistic Health Care.

Why is herbalism holistic health care? Well, I was trained on identifying root causes to illness and the best & safest methods to encourage the body's natural healing ability. Healing modalities include: herbs, nutrients, movement, mindset, and rest.


Current America-based Herbalists who use a holistic health care model in their clinical practice use the term "Vitalism" or call themselves a "vitalist herbalist".

Vitalism is the belief that there are forces beyond just the physical (electrical and chemical occurrences) in our body that contribute to health or disease. Vitalists also believe that one's "life force" can benefit most from naturally occurring (usually free) "medicines"; like breathing, sunshine, movement, and wild herbs.

And in other cultures: Chinese medicine or Japanese Kambo medicine this idea is called “Qi”. In the Indian holistic health care model, called Ayurvedic medicine it’s called “prana”. 

Herbalism is medicine for the Life Force of a Human. 


Get in touch if these ideas resonate with you. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

If you have a nagging symptom or a feeling that something just isn't right; if your life force isn't satisfactory for the life you want to live, and you would like to heal naturally, using a holistic (multi-faceted) approach, I offer Clinical Consultations to get to the root issues and provide strategies for you to pull up those strangling roots. 

Email me at ClinicalTraditions@gmail.com

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