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Clinical Traditions Herb Co.

Nutritive Herbal Tea

Nutritive Herbal Tea

Organically grown in Jacksonville Florida. Hand harvested with love by women. Dried using no heat, to maintain the potency of the plants! 

Ingredients: Milky Oat Tops, Stinging Nettle, Applemint, Mountain Mint & Red Clover flowers. 

Herbalist formulated for women going through their menopause transition years, but this blend is helpful to so many more people too!! 

It is deeply nourishing to your mind and body by providing lots of minerals and vitamins to help get through times of lethargy or convalescence. The mints are fantastic for helping most digestive complaints and also provide a feeling of refreshment and vigor. 

28 gram bag makes ~14 cups of tea

8 gram bag makes ~4 cups of tea 

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